Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've been kinda sorta slowly been working on my scrapbook room...I had started painting and then ran out of paint! but my husband finally got me more paint so hopefully I can finish the painting on the walls soon!!! So he also made me these shelves where I could store my goodies and what not, so I got a light bulb at the top of my head and decided to paint the border black!! Then I was like it needs something i got another light bulb and decided to paint cursive on them..then i did a stitch border!! It was harder than I thought but It came out okay!! It's hard to finish the room when i keep creating more mess!!!

One day hopefully I can put up the cool vinyl stickers I got from Elsies shop!!!


ally serrato said...

Lookin good lookin good!!!

euphoria said...

looks fabulous Nely! Party at Nely's scrap room once it's finished!