Thursday, April 30, 2009

GUESS WHAT???!!!......No Doubt is putting on another extra show in San Diego!!!!...and guess whos going.... ME!!!!!  tickets go on sale tommorow at 10 am...woot excited!!!!  I know, I know..I'm crazy...but how can you not love her...she is super cute and rad!!!  and their music makes me happy!!!  Yay for me!!!!
Oh and on a side note: I'm kinda upset because No Doubt needed people to submit videos of their impression of "I'm just a girl"...they wanted you to dress up and the whole bit..but I just found this out today and the videos are due tommorow...ugh!!!  they were gonna use the footage on the back screens of their concert!!!!  Bummer...I TOTALLY could have done this!!!


Euphoria said...

You are SO funny! So this is concert #3 this summer? Geez, you are a DIE HARD fan!

Toni said...

That would have been totally cool for you to be on the big screen!!

Mika said...

Have fun!!!!!Seen them a few years ago and it was great. Mika (