Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm gonna start off by saying that I had the most hectic weekend!! was so crazy for me that yesterday I totally thought it was my stamp club like a dork, i drove all the way to SAN DIEGO (when i live in o'side)!!!...only to find out that my meeting is this coming tuesday!!! I'm totally losing it!!!
My nephew turned the big "5" he decided he wanted to go to the whole family went...even my husband!! (he's against legoland..when he was in college he worked their one summer and broke his elbow..he didn't like it because he had to sell!) So my nephew was super excited!!! he got a button and everything!!
and apparently legoland was only open from we had to rush because we got hopper tix to the aquarium!! His eyes opened wide when he saw spongebob...he thought it was the coolest thing that he was made out of legos!!

heres my niece...she was pretty overwhelmed by everything!!! she thought the lego figurines were scary!!

here's my nephew being such a good big brother!! who needs kids when i got all these cute munchkins running around!!! love them!!

then, I had to fight off the evil princess with my pink sword and shield!! My brother thinks I'm the biggest dork in the world!! It's okay..i make him laugh!!

then i had the battle of my life!!...i had to battle darth vader!!! I was scared...but i think he was more scared because he froze up as soon as he saw me and R2 D2!!!

then we went to the aquarium...that was pretty cool...these jellyfish were awesome!! they also have an octopus...super cool!

and this cool seahorse!!!

this picture makes me laugh the most!! lol!! it looks as if my nephew is strangling my niece and she is fighting for dear life!! lol...actually, she was trying to get in the tube, but once she was in he tried to help her up but then she just freaked out!!! she was okay!

we ended the day with everyone pooped out!! once we all got home we took some naps!!! and we have free passes to go again!! how exciting!!


Mika said...

Sounds like a great time. Mika (

Toni said...

Look at you kicking Darth Vader's ass!! I went there the other day for the first time ,, and also had to rush. I mean really ,, closing at 5pm? Are ya kidding me? Sheesh! It was pretty neat of the little that I was able to see!!

Euphoria said...

what cute photos!! Your niece and nephew are SO cute!! Looks like you all had a blast!!

A Sweet Escape said...

thanks guys!! it was a blast! oh and toni..5 o'clock..YEA...what the heck!! that is a lame time to close!!

Toni said...

I guess they close at 5pm so you can get the kiddos home and fed ,, then put to bed ,, LOL!!!!

Toni said...
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Toni said...

But ,,, yes ,,, 5pm ,,,, IS TOTALLY LAME-OID!!!!

ally serrato said...

yeah ~ i totally need a pink shield and a sword!!! funs times girly :-D

shaina said...

hey girl! i've got a sweet proposition for you! (a friend of yours put a little bug in my ear ;) )
please e-mail me as soon as possible!

ps. its about your blog!