Sunday, May 24, 2009

This past Friday I had the most amazing night ever!!!! I went to the NO DOUBT concert!!!! It was sooooo much fun!!! I've been waiting a long time for them to come tour and i'm glad they did it soon!!! It was a blast!!!...i jumped and danced along and sang at the top of my lungs!!! It's so sad when the show ends because you want it to go on forever!!...sadly it ended...BUT...I will be seeing them soon (july 31st) with my good friend Ally!!! It's gonna be soooo much fun!!!

Then yesterday, i went to a friend of a friends house.....they had built a huge slip-n-slide going down their hill!!!! It was sooo awesome!!! It overlooked the bonsall bridge!! I didn't know what to expect...but when i got there and took a peek over the hill I was impressed!!! It was so much fun sliding down this thing!!! and at the end they had dumped a whole box of detergent!!! there were soap suds everywhere!!! this pic is the last part of it but it started at the top of the hill!!! Sooo much fun!!!


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

how did they do that? it seriously looks like too much fun!

Euphoria said...

WOW- rpics of the concert!!I bet you had so much fun!!!

That slip n slide kicks ass! I would have SO loved that!

Toni said...

Totally cool pics of the concert. The stage setup looks really cool!!

The slip n' slide looks like it was a freakin blast!!!!

ally serrato said...

dude ~ i thought gwen was a rock star, but you are the rock star girly working that slip n slide!! i wanna go, that looks like so much fun!!! dude ~ july 31st,,, cant wait girl, cant wait!!!!