Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two years ago on this date I had the most awesome and fun wedding!!! I've known my husband since I was 5!! we never dated up until 3 years ago but we were really good friends before...he decided to cross the line and here we are...two awesome married years!! I absolutely and completely adore my husband...he has been a supporter in everything that I do!!!...and he is my complete best friend!....it's amazing to see ourselves where we are today...we have been friends for such a long time and thought we were gonna marry completely different people...he was always there to listen to me when my relationships were going bad and he was such a good advice giver!! I am extremely lucky to have him in my life...he truly is one of a kind!!! Thanks husband, for being so awesome!!! Love ya!!

this was the greatest thing for me ever...lol!!! my nephew was the ring bearer and resisted going down the aisle...my sister-in-law had to walk him down...crying!!! everyone was bummed, but i thought is was hillarious!!!

I couldn't pick just one, so I had to have both my brothers walk me down!!! It was super special for me!! ( I lost my daddy 6 years ago, but he was there in spirit)

I got the most awesome second family ever!!! they are the most wonderful family...love them..especially my father in law..he's the greatest!!!
He's a dancing machine!!!...he partied till 6 am!!!! He's definitely a ladies man...lol!!!
and my husband completely mashed the whole piece of cake in my face!!!..It was hillarious!!! he totally caught me by surprise!!!
It truly was a perfect day...and such a fun one!!! we partied till 2 am and everyone else partied till 6am!!! the next day when we went back...there was people sprawled all over the place!!! So much fun!!!

P.S. Super fun announcement tommorow!!! Tune IN!!!!!


Euphoria said...

Nely you look so BEAUTIFUL!!! You look so amazing... happy anniversary to you both!!! Your wedding looks like so much fun!


ally serrato said...

What a beautiful bride Nely, you and Sam totally rock together,,, you're so lucky to have one another. Congrats on finding your perfect match,,, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY chicky!!!!!

Toni said...

Congrats on two years of wedded bliss! Happy Anniversary to you two!! You looked beautiful in your wedding dress!!!

A Sweet Escape said...

thanks girls!!!!

Blue Banana said...

Congrats on your Anniversary. Time really flies!! You look Gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. ;)

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

these pictures brought a tear to my eyes! I always cry at weddings! You look beautiful! I wish we would have known each other then but so happy to know you now!

Cierra Buchwald said...

Wow Nelly you were a beautiful bride! happy Anniversary! congrats on the new bloggy! can't wait to get started with all of your inspiration