Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the other day, i realized that best friends come in all shapes and sizes!!,,,,and that you can totally have more than one bff!!...she's my fave!!

Today, me and this rad girly picked out our new design team for the pink ninjas!!!,,,stay tuned,,,we will soon reveal our master ninja plan!!!,,,being a ninja master is the most awesome feeling!!,,,words cannot explain!!!

Yesterday, this precious little dude came into the world!!,,,he is sooo warm and cuddly!!! so tiny and smelled so wonderful!!!,,,made me want one so bad,,,but then my husband brought me back to earth!!! :-)

and for about a month now i've been obsessing over making a quilt!!....this girly is so awesome at making them and totally inspired me to get cranking!!!...we soon have a date for a group of us to get together and make an awesome snowball quilt!!!,,can't wait!! I am not kidding when i say i have been obsessing!!,,,i've been on you tube 24/7 looking for tips and ideas!!! I closed myself in my little scrap room and went at it!!...i went to the fabric store and got some fabric and decided to make a "mock" quilt...haha!!..this is how it turned out:::
i know it looks big, but it's actually really small!!!,,,,then, I got really brave and decided to do a slightly bigger one,,,,i was so inspired by jess mermaid quilt, i made a small one of my own!!! of course, not as good as hers, since i'm only practicing, but i like how it turned out!!!,,,so jess, I cannot wait to make the snowball quilt!!!..i thought that by practicing it would make me less nervous to make a quilt with you, but i'm still nervous!! are the quilt master and i'm intimidated by the snowball quilt!!!,,but i know i can do it!!,,,plus, you'll be there to help me!!!,,I'm so excited and can't wait!!! brother pieced this mermaid quilt for me!!!..he pretended he wasn't into it but he was!!!,,now i'm putting him on blast!!!,,love you bro!!!

thats it for now~peace ninja nely


Christina said...

The mermaid quilt!!! eshk!!! if you ever feel like you don't want it around anymore you could ALWAYS send it my wayyy.... LOL
sooo pretty!!

Euphoria said...

Hold your horses quilt masta! LOVE IT so MUCH!!! You're not messin' around!! NICE job Ninja Nely!! YAY!

I can't wait for our date! Bring your mermaid quilt, I wanna touch it!!! :o)

ally serrato said...

cute BFF ~ where on earth did you find her ;-)
love these quilts, between you and jess, im screaming on the inside with inspiration!!! i gotta do it, i gotta!!! cant freaking wait for the snow ball quilt action ~ its gonna be great!!!

Emily said...

OMG, those quilts are to die for!! I'm in Love! And yes, BFF's come in all shapes and sizes... mine is a little girly too!