Friday, September 4, 2009

what's going on in the blog world?!?

due to the results of the twix vs. shockers contest i am forced to take over this blog.

the following items are the samix keys to life regarding food:

1. shockers and nerd rope rule over all other peanut-butter-brittle-fetti-chocodile-barfo bars out there.

2. eat yogurt every day except peach... never peach... it smells like puke

2a. scrape out every last drop of yogurt from the stupid yoplait cups, almost like they made it that shape to say 'haha f you, you can't get your tongue / spoon / finger in this crevice for the last globs of pomegranate - blackberry'

3. use a small spoon, never the oversized spoons that fit neither in the stupid yogurt cup nor your mouth

4. put hot sauce on everything: pizza, sandwiches, spasketti, chips, hot dogs, steak, chicken, and anything remotely labeled as mexican food

4a. tabasco doesn't count, don't even put it on the table, don't even bring it in the house

4b. clippers games have gigantic jugs of tapatio, why do i not?

5. jack in the box chicken sandwiches require a minimum of 4 hot sauce packets per chicken sandwich, anything less and you might as well throw it in the trash
that is all........for now


Euphoria said...

Oh yes, Sam takin over!

#1- so wrong!

#2- it TOTALLY smells like puke!

2a- this is the most difficult task in the world, there has to be someone who can shove their tongue/utensil in there to get every last bit! I'll keep trying!

#4- heartburn

ally serrato said...

man oh man ~ sams in town,,, hey sam ~ looks like you lost,,, like really, really badly!!! :-) sooooooo,,,, more from you?? please?? this is kinda fun and really random ~ love it!!!
jess ~ love your break down!!!

Scrappy Witch said...

Too funny! I think you should also put lemon or line on anything you put hot sauce on, no? Well, that is the mexican way right?

I remembered my Thanksgiving dinner with my white in-laws and my mexican parents, they had to bust out the hot sauce over the Turkey! My in-laws were mortified!

Thanks for stopping by my recipe cauldron, I hope you enjoy the salad. Last night I had another wonerful creation. I felt like Chef Ramsey! I will post it later tonight.


Toni said...

LOL ,, Sore loser ,, lmao!!!!

Luke said...

ooh scrappy witch, your right, lime makes everything great

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

NERDS ROPE IS MY FAV FAV CANDY!! EVER EVER EVER!! You did not lose. these chicks are crazy!

Mika said...

Good to read your blog again. Missed a lot on your blog I see. Had a lil break but back right now.....and first thing to do working on the mushroom kit (LOL)
Mika (

Heidi said...

I would have had to put my vote in for PB Twix, although now that you threw nerd ropes into the mix, I'm torn!

And, I agree with Scrappy Witch - lime goes with everything! Tried the lime & salt popcorn?? Yum!

Inkster said...

tabasco doesn't count HUZZAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrappy Witch said...

Hi Nelly!

The list you were asking about in my blog is for a Circle book club I want to do. I need 12 ladies, each pick a theme, and we ship them out to each of the players every month to do a two page layout on your book, so basically at the end of the year (hence the 12 ladies) you have a rad book with 11 different styles on the theme you chose! I submitted my application for the DT call to Ally, I think you gals are a bunch of fun chicks and totally think I would fit in with my crazy style!


Scrappy Witch said...

Hi Nelly,

I would love, love, love for you to be a part of the circle book club! Don't be intimidated! It is so much fun! So please be my number 12! As I said, I would be thrilled to have you on board! Email me your theme, and addy so I can send it to the other ladies in the group and I promise it will be kept private between the circle club ladies only), and we can get it started! So excited!