Friday, November 27, 2009

my sweet friend ally was so sweet to give me this award!...i love these sorta questions..thanks miss ally!

1) Where is your cell phone ? ~glued to the palm of my hand!!!

2) Your Hair? ~ is in need of a major trim!...getn some split ends!
3) Your Mother? ~ is enjoying being a grandma!
4) Your Father? ~miss him! he was such a good daddy!!
5) Your favorite food? ~ shrimp chow mein!!...i can never get enough!!!
6) Your dream last night? ~ making plastic bag masks and getting in an r.v. so we can hide from t-rex that is looking for us!..but somehow we get in the r.v. to look for him and this crazy lady tell us we are the chosen ones for the meal!!!
7) Your Favorite drink? ~ coffee
8) Your dream/goal? ~ i want to live in a different country
9) What room are you in? ~ living room
10) Your hobby? ~ scrapbooking, learning how to cook better food, eating, baking, and sommersaults!
11) Your Fear? ~ dying early
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~ hanging out with my husband
13) Where were you last night? ~ at a wine bar with some rad friends
14) Something you aren't? ~quiet
15) Muffins? ~ okay
16) Wish list item? ~ fuji wallet camera
17) Where did you grow up? ~ vista
18) Last thing you did? ~ wake up from sleep
19) What are you wearing? ~ black pants, yellow shirt, socks, wild hair!
20) Your TV? ~ if off
21) Your pets? ~ none :-(

22) Friends? ~ are rad
23) Your life? ~ happy
24) Your mood? ~ rested, ready for the day
25) Missing someone? ~of course
26) Vehicle? ~ toyota camry
27) Something your not wearing? ~ bra
28) Your Favorite store? ~ don't have a favorite store but i like tokidoki and harajuku lovers!
29) Your favorite color? ~ bright green, turquoise, pink, yellow!
30) The last time you laughed? ~ last night
31) The last time you cried? ~ hmmm,,,maybe two months ago or longer?
32) Your best friend? ~ has been my friend since middle school
33) One place that I go to over and over? ~ sbux
34) Facebook? ~ of course
35) Favorite place to eat? ~ panda express

my pics:

thank you miss Ally!!!


Heidi said...

Girl, what are you doing before bed to have such hilarious dreams??!! That's AWESOME!

Carrie said...

Thanks for this, Nely!!! I love learning all these interesting little things about my friends. Plus, can't wait to hang out was FUN!!!!

Christina said...

thank you loves!!