Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh blog!!..sorry i have been away for a while,,,but what can i say...LIFE just happens!! things are starting to settle down in my crazy life! with that being said,,,our latest inspiration is up a a on the pink ninjas blog!!!...this time around it was "whats my age again?""...this pic was when i visited my friend in North Carolina, which now lives in japan!!...but we were coming out of the grocery store and i convinced her to take this pic with me on the carousel!!! is definitely a fun memory and i miss her!!!...i'm sad that i wasn't able to see her when i went to japan!!! oh well, guess i will have to go back..darn!!!


Gloria said...

hope to see you soon gloria

Euphoria said...

love this LO!!

Christina said...

This layout totally cracked me up!!! sooo funny!!