Thursday, April 30, 2009

GUESS WHAT???!!!......No Doubt is putting on another extra show in San Diego!!!!...and guess whos going.... ME!!!!!  tickets go on sale tommorow at 10 am...woot excited!!!!  I know, I know..I'm crazy...but how can you not love her...she is super cute and rad!!!  and their music makes me happy!!!  Yay for me!!!!
Oh and on a side note: I'm kinda upset because No Doubt needed people to submit videos of their impression of "I'm just a girl"...they wanted you to dress up and the whole bit..but I just found this out today and the videos are due tommorow...ugh!!!  they were gonna use the footage on the back screens of their concert!!!!  Bummer...I TOTALLY could have done this!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Honest things about me!!!

A while back I ran into a blog that stated 10 Honest things about her..(i wish i knew the blog so I could link it)  anyhoot...I thought it would be fun!!! so heres 10 honest things about myself!!! In no particular order!!

1.  I hate shopping!! I only do it out of necessity!!
2.  I can't stand doing the dishes!!  I never do them, my husband does!!  Thanks little one!!
3.  I secretly go to starbucks everyday but my husband only thinks I go once a week, twice at the most!!
4.  I can't stand when people eat and smack their lips!!  Ugh, gross...close your mouth!!
5.  I can't stand when people say they are super broke, but then turn around and buy a 200 dollar purse...makes no sense!!
6.  I thought I loved to do laundry, but found that I can't stand it!!
7.  I can wiggle my ears...most people can't I have found!
8.  I don't like men with muscly bodies...I prefer skinny lanky looking!!!  Like my hubby!!
9.  I love, love, love, candy and cake!!!  Jolly Ranchers are my favorite along with skittles!!! Oh and macadamia torte from Extraordinary Desserts!!  YUM!!!
10.  I dispose of things that haven't been used in a month!!  I trash it and don't even look back!!  

So that was fun!!  Of course there is a million more other things but I'll keep the list short and simple!!!  Can you say 10 honest things about yourself!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

It all began Thursday... I begun my Pink Pineapple extravaganza by taking Jennifer Priests "Go Green" class~!!!! The book was so cute!!! Jess and I had lots of fun!!!

Friday, i hung out at the Cupcake crop hosted by april and cierra!!! As always I sat in the corner with my cool pals Ally and Jess!!! I don't think we do much cropping but we sure know how to have a blast!! Cierra was such an awesome host!! She kept re-filling our drinks...thanks girly!!

and the cute as a button, Krystie!!! Girly, you truly are an amazing person and such a blast to hang out with!!!
and oh my gosh!! I wish I had a pic of it, but Gloria was painting..thats right, painting these awesome ATC cards!!! I so wish I had taken a pic...they turned out super cute...she posted them on her blog so go check them out!!! I was amazed because I could never paint like that!!! Super rad!!

then on Saturday i was back at the Pink to take Carrie's cute pot class!!! We covered these adorable pots with sassafras paper!!! they turned out super cute!! Denise gave me the awesome idea to put them in my bathroom..thanks!! so excited!! P.S. Carrie, I hope your feeling better!!
then after Carries class, Emily Falconbridge taught us an awesome layout class!!! I was a little nervous taking this class because I'm not one for unconventional scrapbooking. I took a class once from someone else and I hated it. But Emilys class was super rad!! We got to use spray paint, regular paint, sew and splatter ink!! It was so inspiring!!! You never know how people are gonna be until you meet them and she was such a good soul!!! She was so nice and amazing!! Loved her class!!

then Sunday I was suppose to take Ally's three little birds layout class, but I double booked and forgot I had to go wedding dress shopping with my soon to be sis-in-law!! I'm so glad my wedding is way gone and done for a dress is exhausting!!! Luckily she found the perfect dress!!! I'm so happy for her and my brother! I wish them nothing but the best!!! Now, I need to get some much needed rest!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

So I've been MIA for a while (not that anyone has even probably noticed)  I've been dedicated to working out everyday!!  I've been trying to stay really focused and must say that I have become addicted!!  I have always totally been against working out and refused to do it!!  But I have an awesome friend that completely pushed me to the end...she made me get over the whole hate thing!!  So for the first week I was feeling really really tired and sleepy but now I think my energy is coming back...I haven't scrapbooked a thing and i'm really missing it!!  So I'm super excited that starting thursday I have classes all up to Sunday!!  I get to hang out with my scrapbook buds!!  they make me laugh soo's a blast!!!  So hopefully I can get back on the creative track and balance everything out!!!  woot woot!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So I have become addicted to 52sketches, 52weeks!! I was like..its Sunday..the new sketch is here!!!! It's super fun...and you can put your own it!!

So heres the sketch:

and heres my take:

Now i'm off to bed..i've been up since 3:30 this morning and i'm drained!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dude!!! one ever said how hard working out is!!  I  started going to the gym yesterday and I seriously got my ass kicked!!!  My friend was making me do things that Cirque du Soleil people should be doing!!  I couldn't even lift myself off of bed today!!  and all she kept telling me was "tiny dancer body"  and by the end I was like F*&#!! skinny dancers!!  but in the end I was glad I did it!!  boy was I counting down the minutes to the end...I got out of it today, but tommorow no dice!!  back to suspending myself like a mad woman!!  All in the name of looking good!!  All i can say is, It better pay off!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yay for me!!! I ordered the new NOFX cd called Coaster!!! I'm so excited.,..I also ordered their dvd backstage passport!!! I don't know about everyone but I love getting presents in the mail!!! and sorry i have nothing scrapbook related to talk taking a day off...Since Monday I've been soooo tired and exhausted! I can barely get off of bed....blah!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've been kinda sorta slowly been working on my scrapbook room...I had started painting and then ran out of paint! but my husband finally got me more paint so hopefully I can finish the painting on the walls soon!!! So he also made me these shelves where I could store my goodies and what not, so I got a light bulb at the top of my head and decided to paint the border black!! Then I was like it needs something i got another light bulb and decided to paint cursive on them..then i did a stitch border!! It was harder than I thought but It came out okay!! It's hard to finish the room when i keep creating more mess!!!

One day hopefully I can put up the cool vinyl stickers I got from Elsies shop!!!