Thursday, February 5, 2009

I don't have pics as of yet...but yesterday I went to watch a favorite band of mine called NOFX!!! I originally did not purchase tickets ahead of time cause silly ol me assumed the show wouldn't sell know cause every show that I have ever been to has never sold out...uuummm yeah..SOLD OUT!!! I was devastated!!! So, I was like no, no, no I am getting in this show one way or another!! So me and my friend stood outside looking for a scalper...there was one and he only had ONE ticket!!! we kept waiting and waiting and waiting...I met Fat Mike (lead singer) tried to get him to let me dice!! I met Smelly (the drummer of the band) no dice...but he took a pic with me..very nice...then I met Limo (keyboardist) no dice either!!! Ugh!! I saw some guy pop open two tickets and said are you getting rid of those he said yes!! I was like, I'm in!! Then some guy is like I'll give you 40 bucks each!! I'm like no way!!! I'll give you 60 bucks!!! So I got them!!! Yeesss!!! Victory all mine!! I have to say it was a true adrenaline rush and sooo much fun!! The show was awesome!!! And I love my friend for going with me for moral support because she didn't even know who they were and she camped out with me!! And my poor husband who waited till the show was over to pick us up!!! All in all a fun night!!! Reminded me of the old days!!! Fun fun fun!!

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