Thursday, February 19, 2009

Currently I haven't posted because I am having technical difficulties..ugh!! I moved upstairs and we had to wire my computer upstairs..umm yeah, can't upload pics..grrr!!! Everyone knows it's no fun reading a blog if you can't see pics!!! My IT man (also known as husband)is quickly trying to fix this problem for me!!! So quickly, I got my vinyl wall decal from vinyl fruit...I'm so excited to put it up!!! It's the "x marks the spot" from elsie...super cute!!! First I have to finish painting!! And everyday religiously I read Ally's blog right when I wake up, so on there she mentioned a challenge blog~Punk Rock Scrappers~I'm currently working on this's a good way to vent out what I dislike the most!! It's 10 things that irritate you!! Pretty awesome!! on another note..for those that don't know, i've been having flooding issues in my home for the last year and a half...we went to a meeting today and FINAlly they are gonna fix my mess and reimburse me for damages...YEEESS!!! i will be happy when my life can move forward and my downstairs doesn't have to look like a commercial building with concrete floors!! And I'm glad tommorow is Friday!! Although I hate that I have to wake up at 6 am..gross!! Anyhoot, hopefully I can have this thing up and running and I can post some pics...Oh, and Ally, i have some good butt pics of you and Krystie from the crop which hopefully I can post!!! LOL!!


ally serrato said...

nooooooooooo DONT DO IT!!!!!! pleeeeeease!!!!! so, so, so serious nely, no pictures of my fat butt!!!
oh, P.S. i rocked an wicked layout today with us three pick ninjas!!! youll be seeing it soon!!!!

euphoria said...

Hi Nelly!

Gald that you are getting your damages taken care of!!