Monday, February 23, 2009

the other day when I was on the road i saw the most beautiful clouds!! so I took a pic (my husband was driving) I love clouds, they are always so peaceful just floating by.. i've always wished I could bounce up and down on one..if only!!

me and the hubby went to Palm Springs for Valentines weekend and on our drive over there, there was snow!! I was jumping for husband thought I was crazy!! I love snow and haven't seen it for a while..he pulled over for me so I could play for a bit!! I loved it!! On the way back home there was more, but it was raining so I couldn't get out!! but i enjoyed watching it from the window of the car!!

this weekend I went to my friends wedding..I love going to weddings..such happy days for everyone!! It's neat to see all the thought and effort they put into it!! The wedding was fun!! Good food and cake..and I danced the whole night, and my feet didn't even hurt the next day from wearing heels...awesome!!

has anyone ever gotten their makeup done by the girls at mac..oh my goodness...i was over at the mall and they were having a Hello Kitty promotion...all the makeup packaging was hello kitty..super cute...anyways, the girl was like let me do your makeup and I said no thank you, so she insisted and I was like okay how bad can it be...oh man!! I felt like someone took frosting and smeared it on my face!!! I looked like a weirdo!! I'll never let them do that to me again..who the heck walks around looking like one!! anyways, they had a dominatrix hello kitty was super funny!! I guess he was a model that got paid to put a hello kitty mask and just stand there!! He didn't even talk!! It was pretty funny!! All the little kids that saw it got!!

I also went to a 1 year old birthday party..that was fun!! I even got to hit the pinata!! The best part was catching up with family i haven't seen in a while!!

I also realized that trying to make babies pose for a pic is a really difficult thing!! I must have taken 20 pics and in each one they are always looking different brother was in the background jingling keys and no dice!! It was pretty nieces were probably looking at us like "what a bunch a weirdos grown-ups are" lol!! times, fun times!!

Man, i had a pretty crazy weekend!! I even missed the coolest class at the Pink on Sunday!! geez..thank goodness for kits!!


euphoria said...

talk about a busy weekend!!

Love all the photos!


euphoria said...

Hey Nelly!

Happy Friday to ya!
I heard on the radio today that No Doubt is coming to SD in May... just wanted to pass the info along since you are a HUGE fan, but I'm sure you already knew.

Have a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to see you again