Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I started painting my scrapbook room, and ummmm, yeah, I ran out of paint!!! My calculations were all wrong!! At some point I have to make it back to lowes and get more paint!!! It's pretty fun putting this little space together!! Before I shared a room with my husband and soon found out that I was taking over the space!! Now I have a much larger feels really good!!! Now I need to find a way to store my paper!! The ground can't do forever!!! I'm scrappin at the same time I am organizing the room...doesn't work so well....I have a mess everywhere...but I feel that if there is no mess, I'm not being creative!!! Now I gotta go get a partition, another table and paper organizer!!! Fun, Fun...It makes me happy that I have a little space all of my own (somehow my husband finds his way in there..Lol..he likes to see what I'm creating!!) I think he got tired of me taking over the kitchen table!! Oh and I'm ordering the really cool "x marks the spot" rub-ons from elsie!! Can't wait!!!

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euphoria said...

Love that color!!! Can't wait to see this completed!!

I had a total BLAST on Friday! It was so great to meet you!! Can't wait for more scrappin' good times!!

PS- Glad you found the bottle!! :o)