Thursday, August 27, 2009

hey hey!! yesterday the new prompt for the pink ninjas was up!!!..It is an awesome one..Concerts!!..who doesn't love concerts!!!...they are a happy time!!! Of course I did mine on NODOUBT!!! and ally went and it was sooo much fun!!!...i hope they come again!!!

and I totally didn't put up my old skool layout from last week!!!...i guess i've been really busy!!!..yikes!..but anyhow, this has been my most favorite layout that I've done to date!!!..i've checked with several people and I can say that I love how this layout turned out!..hehe!!...It really is my favorite!..i love how everything just came together!!!

love, nelsters!!


Euphoria said...

lovely lovely miss Nely!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

love these layouts!You are so rocker chick!

ally serrato said...

love these layouts girly ~ still cany believe you almost forgot to post the vintage one!!! one of my favs!!