Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi! my name is nely. I'm 29 years old, and I have an addiction!!.....I'm addicted to dunny's!!!..yes I admit it!!!...and I can't stop..they are just to darn cute!!!~it all began one lovely evening when my good friend Ally text me and said would you like some dunnys?? (she got addicted thru her friend becky) ..i said why of course..couple of days went by and she brought me a small cardboard box filled with tiny colorful boxes!!!~and inside where these super rad little guys!!! have to admit, they are the cutest thing ever!!! Once you open the shiny silver little pouches, out come these cute little guys..and you don't know which little guy you are you just want to keep opening and opening!!!...until you have no more shiny silver pouches to open :(...then you must get more!!!~ what can you do~if you accidentally hit "checkout" there is nothing you can do...nothing!!!!!

Ally got this one!!..isn't he rad!!
Aren't they the cutest!!! them all!!!



Toni said...

Yes ,, they are pretty darn tootin' cute!!!!

Heidi said...

I saw Ally's post about Dunnys, too, and was intrigued. But seeing this post of that raindrop guy or whatever he is makes me want them!! Is there such thing as visual crack? I think Dunnys are laced with it! I don't need another addiction!

ally serrato said...

look at our bff pink pirate and pink whatever the other dude is,,, they love each other!! we need moreeeeeee,,,, tap, tap, tap on the inner elbow!!!

RollerScrapper said...

those are cute but don't show Elena! She was in love with the vinylmation (mickey shaped ones) at WDW but was good and didn't get any :)

Mika said...

Hi girl, love this Dunny's. Didn't know this kind of toy's but I like it. I'll hope to open my store this fall but if you like you can order some mushroom stuff right now? Let me know, Enjoy your weekend.

Becky said...

bahahahaha lol oops! But aren't they the BEST!!!! :) I can't wait to see more!