Sunday, August 30, 2009

glorious pink challenge!

So gloria has her new challenge up at the glorious pink challenge!!! ive said before, i always play along but am shy to post them up!!!..I'm a secret play along ninja!!...but now i'm coming out!!! watch out world!!!!..j/k!!..but taking over the world wouldnt be so bad!!..oooohhh, then i can be brain from pinky & the brain!!!! (old cartoon)..muahahahahahaha!!!!...okay, back to the point!..the challenge was easy as one, two, three! word, two pics and three paper lines!!!...heres mine!!!
i love everything harajuku!!!

peace, nelsters!!


ally serrato said...

i looooooooove this one ~ great combo going on here lady!!!

Christina said...

LOL, pinky and the brain rocks!!
love the layout!!

Euphoria said...

Love it Nely!!! I used to love Pinky & the Brain!

Heidi said...

I love everything about this layout! The pics are awesome. Wow, thought I was the only Pinky & the Brain nerd-girl!!! And the Goodfeathers. And the little girl who always said, "Ok, I love you, bye bye!" Bye bye!