Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last night I went to my last show of NODOUBT!!! sad!!..I wish I could watch them endlessly :(...and yes, I know I'm obsessed..but I can't help it!!...they are so fun to watch!!!..there were girls there that had been to 67 Shows!!! 67!!!...i could only wish!!!

I did a survey with State Farm and they gave me these rad sunglasses!!~people were looking at us was like your just jealous cuz you don't have the guts to sport these!!!~plus the sun was in my face and I needed shades!!
This is how my sis-in-law communicated with gwen stefani!~via french fry cup!!!...she's still waiting for her to respond back!!!!!

New Goal: get a stomach like this!!!...and she has two kidz!!! geez!!!

Oh!~check out this awesome tee my husband purchased for me!!!'s my absolute favorite!!!~I love tokidoki soooo much!!~and seriously, I have the raddest husband ever!!!~not just cuz he bought me this tee, but because he's just the coolest, he really is!!!

chick, chickity you out later!!
~peace, nelsters!


Euphoria said...

your shirt ROCKS and so do your StateFarm shades! Ohhh Yeah!

Glad to hear you had a great time!!

ally serrato said...

yeah dude ~ love the shirt!!! and if anybody can rock those shades its you baby!!! wish i was there this time around too!!!