Sunday, August 30, 2009

glorious pink challenge!

So gloria has her new challenge up at the glorious pink challenge!!! ive said before, i always play along but am shy to post them up!!!..I'm a secret play along ninja!!...but now i'm coming out!!! watch out world!!!!..j/k!!..but taking over the world wouldnt be so bad!!..oooohhh, then i can be brain from pinky & the brain!!!! (old cartoon)..muahahahahahaha!!!!...okay, back to the point!..the challenge was easy as one, two, three! word, two pics and three paper lines!!!...heres mine!!!
i love everything harajuku!!!

peace, nelsters!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

White Out!!!

Over at the dream girlz challenge blog they have their newest challenge~white out!!..I'm pretty excited for this one!..I"ve always wanted to do an all white page!!!..I kept it pretty simple..since apparently i don't have that much white stuff..huh!..i guess i'm a more colorful person!!..none the less it was super duper fun to make!!!...I gotta say that i really really like this challenge blog!!! You should head over there and take a little peek!!...the girls got really creative!!!..the things that look like black dots are actually mirrors, not black dots!!..heeheh!!!
love, nelsters!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

hey hey!! yesterday the new prompt for the pink ninjas was up!!!..It is an awesome one..Concerts!!..who doesn't love concerts!!!...they are a happy time!!! Of course I did mine on NODOUBT!!! and ally went and it was sooo much fun!!!...i hope they come again!!!

and I totally didn't put up my old skool layout from last week!!!...i guess i've been really busy!!!..yikes!..but anyhow, this has been my most favorite layout that I've done to date!!!..i've checked with several people and I can say that I love how this layout turned out!..hehe!!...It really is my favorite!..i love how everything just came together!!!

love, nelsters!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I'm pretty notorious for playing along with challenges, but never posting them!!..challenges are super rad to play along with..they give you a base on your layout!!!...a friend ninja of mine, gloria, hosts a monthly challenge on her challenge blog named the glorious pink challenge!!!..i love this challenge blog and love making layouts for it!!!...this layout was for the month of July!..I think the challenge was a quote, and three pictures!...well i forgot to add the other two pics which is why i didn't post it but this is my take on that challenge!!!~so I encourage everyone to hop on over there and play along!!...she's got a fun and easy one this month!!!~and while your on a challenge blog hopping frenzy, hop on over to the pink ninjas...our challenge is up as well, and it's a fun one!!!

"Never fear consequences, hate regrets more than apologies"-NOFX

~peace, nelsters

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yo, yo-yiggity yo!! prompt is out over at the pink ninjas!!!...this time around, it's all about the dudes!!! dudes, well lets just say they enjoy their beer!!!

Show us what you got!!

~peace, nelsters

Monday, August 10, 2009

So I love all the challenges that are out there, and I always do pages for them but NEVER send them in!!~I get scared or something!!!..sooo I finally decided to send one to Dream Girlz!'s for their newest challenge!!

Prompt: wings on your project
Technique: Paint
Product: Glitter

so heres mine!!!

now I just have to submit it to them!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last night I went to my last show of NODOUBT!!! sad!!..I wish I could watch them endlessly :(...and yes, I know I'm obsessed..but I can't help it!!...they are so fun to watch!!!..there were girls there that had been to 67 Shows!!! 67!!!...i could only wish!!!

I did a survey with State Farm and they gave me these rad sunglasses!!~people were looking at us was like your just jealous cuz you don't have the guts to sport these!!!~plus the sun was in my face and I needed shades!!
This is how my sis-in-law communicated with gwen stefani!~via french fry cup!!!...she's still waiting for her to respond back!!!!!

New Goal: get a stomach like this!!!...and she has two kidz!!! geez!!!

Oh!~check out this awesome tee my husband purchased for me!!!'s my absolute favorite!!!~I love tokidoki soooo much!!~and seriously, I have the raddest husband ever!!!~not just cuz he bought me this tee, but because he's just the coolest, he really is!!!

chick, chickity you out later!!
~peace, nelsters!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi! my name is nely. I'm 29 years old, and I have an addiction!!.....I'm addicted to dunny's!!!..yes I admit it!!!...and I can't stop..they are just to darn cute!!!~it all began one lovely evening when my good friend Ally text me and said would you like some dunnys?? (she got addicted thru her friend becky) ..i said why of course..couple of days went by and she brought me a small cardboard box filled with tiny colorful boxes!!!~and inside where these super rad little guys!!! have to admit, they are the cutest thing ever!!! Once you open the shiny silver little pouches, out come these cute little guys..and you don't know which little guy you are you just want to keep opening and opening!!!...until you have no more shiny silver pouches to open :(...then you must get more!!!~ what can you do~if you accidentally hit "checkout" there is nothing you can do...nothing!!!!!

Ally got this one!!..isn't he rad!!
Aren't they the cutest!!! them all!!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here's a little update as to how Ally and I spent our Friday!!!..oohh yeaa!!!..this was probably the most fun I've had at a concert!!..i have never sat lawn before and it was the most fun ever!!!
So when we got there...we parked ourselves at the lawn..(not before making a pit stop to the brew dept.)..and in front of us was this couple that were mad at each other!! what do we do??...

they didn't even notice!!! was pretty awesome!!! can't go see nodoubt and be mad..c'mon!!!...especially if me and ally are around!!!

this is prob my fave and raddest pic ever!!! true concert spirit!!! know, cuz its how we do!!..and the beer didn't even spill one drop!!...ooh yeeaa!!!
Ally rolling down the hill:

me rolling down the hill:
Like I said, this was probably the most fun I've had at a concert!!! really counts to bring a rad friend along!!!...gwen stefani is amazing..oh, and she really sings!..doesnt' lip sing one you that true live concert feeling!!!
now i'm off to see them again!!!..Aug. 8th in San Diego!!!..ooh yea!!!!

till another day my friends..peace!