Sunday, March 21, 2010

Field Trip!!

Saturday was such a beautiful day!!..perfect weather, awesome clouds, cool was magical!! I decided to take my little friends out for a stroll. P.S. this post is picture heavy,,i had fun so i went crazy!!

Olive enjoyed the stroll by the park and creek.....

my beautiful unicorn had a long walk, so she had to rest on this stump...she's perfect!..i love her!!

and nels took a dip in the sea...she also took a rest on this washed up seaweed...she loves taking pics!

then there's Ophelia, she's so sweet and calm...she quickly took shelter underneath a rock!...she's a littly shy...she's so cute,,love her!!

hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!!



euphoria said...

the whale in the seaweed is so adorable! Love all your plushies!

Heidi said...

this is just about the most fun post ever!!!! now i wanna take my guys for a stroll. LOVE the narwhol (that's what it is, right?)!! i so need one of those. :o)

Sweet Escape said...

Heidi!! should totally take your guys for a stroll!! was soo much fun!!...and that's totally what my little whale is!!

allyson joy said...

You're adorable - love this post :-)

skunkboycreatures said...

Awwwwww... your friends look so happy and right at home with you! Thanks for loving them! Your blog is cuuuute!