Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!!

Just sharing a layout I made using the *carousel* kit. I decided to not place a title on my layout this time around because honestly, I didn't know where to put it. This picture was given to me by my cutie pie friend miss ally. When I saw it, it brought back such an awesome, funny, good feeling memory. It's really is the best when you can look at a picture and crack yourself up, because you are remembering exactly what happened that day! It's amazing to me how through scrapbooking, I have met the most amazing people and have made the bestest of friends. real girls with real feelings and real dreams. girls that aren't afraid of showing who they are and girls that accept and love you for *you* it's so amazing. in my younger life i didn't really have this, to have this now, is amazing and beautiful. I love all of you! all are amazing human beings!!! your talents inspire me are magical!!! thank you for being *you*!!!

love~miss nely!!


Carrie said...

your love for art is captivating! you amaze me!!!

euphoria said...

Pretty LO
Sweet Photo
Great Memory!

Mo said...

that layout is beautiful. if feel the same way about all the friends i've made through scrapping....