Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday,,,

today is just one of those days where I just don't have the energy for anything. there are a million thoughts going through my brain. I have a long list on my *to do* list. but no energy. I took a drive with my husband, I admired all the bursts of color that are all along the roads and highways!!..I love spring, i really do. It is such a happy season. I'm not sure of the name of this magenta colored flower that seems to be everywhere...i love it...i see it and i just want to go lay in it...the warm sun hitting my face, so dreamy. Do any of you have these days?

*on a side note, yesterday, Saturday, I got the most beautiful presents in the mail. You see, I never get the mail, mr. sam has always gotten as i was sitting on the couch with a warm blankie, i saw the brown box he held in his arms!..I immediately knew what it was and i could see the large smile on his face...he said with a smile, "no, you are too tired, you must rest, this box can wait"...I laughed, and said gimme, gimme, gimme!!!...there they were, all cutely wrapped up,,,Ophelia the Octopus and my magical Unicorn!!! thank you miss Katie!, thank you for making such wonderful creatures!!..they truly are magical and bring a smile to my face!!

i hope everyone has a lovely day!!

love~miss nely!!


Christina said...

OH MY!!!!! those are sooooooo awesome!!!

Becky Farley said...

I'm super jealous lol I really am! Those are soooooo awesome! :)