Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Weekend!!!

This past weekend was a beautiful one!! was a busy one for sure,,,but on Saturday we got to have a cute little booth and sell our kits!!! It was opening day for the local t-ball league...miss ally's lil man was ready to play some ball!!!,,,you should have seen them! they all looked so cute and adorable in their t-ball uniforms!! could tell they were so proud and excited to play!!! There was suppose to be some rain, but of course that didn't stop us ninjas!!!...we just rolled with the punches!!!...sweet carrie made a garland out of the *carousel* kit, so we could hang it from our looked beautiful...and of course, we had the cutest booth there!!..(can i say that?)...but it was super cute!!! I think my most favorite part is just hanging out with my girls!!...they make me happy!!! i love having such beautiful and magical friends!! How was your weekend??

love~miss nely!!!


allyson joy said...

sooooooo fun!!! but, then again, when do we not have fun together?!?!? im so lucky,,,, love you!!!

Heidi said...

how fun! hope you guys sold a bunch! (i mean, how could you NOT??)

Carrie said...

it was great fun!...can't wait to do it again!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

Hope you sold lots and has lots of fun!