Monday, March 29, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!!

monday, monday...use to be that i didn't look forward to monday because it meant the weekend was over...but now it's a happy day because it's Pink day!!! Today, i have super fun stuff to share!!,,,i am so seriously excited for this...a sneaky peaky into our newest kit...*accidentally kelly street*!!!!...and i don't mean to toot my own horn or anything..but this kit is seriously awesome!!...i heart it so much! the colors are just beautiful!!!...I'm sure you will love it!!! stay tuned, because we are releasing it April 1st!!!...eeeekkk!!!!

begin!!! :-)

second!!! miss deb, mel and cris totally hosted a blog hop using our *carousel* kit!! insanely awesome is that!!..seriously, what an honor!!! you definitely need to hop on over to their blogs and check out all the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G projects they created!!! about taking your breath away...the talent these girlies have is insane!!!..thank you girlies for doing this...means a lot to the heart!! rule!!!


awesome..right?!?...i think so!! you all...have a happy Pink Ninja day!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Camping Trip

today i embark on a 4 day camping trip. my family and myself will be heading to Yosemite National Park!!! I have always, always wanted to camp here!! I am beyond excited!! It is suppose to be a super awesome beautiful place. It will be just us and nature. no laptops or cell phones (this one is a tough one for me, but i promised my husband) It will be a refreshing change. I will see you all in 4 days!!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ninja Monday done on Tuesday!!

Hi everyone!!!'s a layout i made using the *carousel kit*.....this picture was my nephew giving his one day old sister a kiss!! melts my heart...she is now 2 and he is gonna be 6...they grow so, so fast!!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Field Trip!!

Saturday was such a beautiful day!!..perfect weather, awesome clouds, cool was magical!! I decided to take my little friends out for a stroll. P.S. this post is picture heavy,,i had fun so i went crazy!!

Olive enjoyed the stroll by the park and creek.....

my beautiful unicorn had a long walk, so she had to rest on this stump...she's perfect!..i love her!!

and nels took a dip in the sea...she also took a rest on this washed up seaweed...she loves taking pics!

then there's Ophelia, she's so sweet and calm...she quickly took shelter underneath a rock!...she's a littly shy...she's so cute,,love her!!

hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Weekend!!!

Hello beautiful blog world!!! I have fallen behind on my blogging!!..So busy over here, trying to catch my breath!!! phew. First, I just wanna congratulate my brother on graduating from college today!!..I'm so proud of him. He was so shy and intimidated to start all over, but he did it, pushed through and today is the first day of new beginnings for him!! I'm so, so, so proud of him!!

Second, If you haven't heard, we are having a sale!! Pink Ninja Addicts is offering free shipping!!! that's right...FREE shipping for anyone in the US and Canada!!!
also if you haven't peeked, here is a sneak peek into the new kit for April!!. *Accidentally Kelly Street* exciting!!

Third, I have some super exciting news!!!!....I have made the design team for Sketchy Thursdays!!!..OMG!!...seriously, I am so super excited for this!!! hop on over there and check out the rad sketches they have going on!!!

Okay, so now I'm off to create some layouts and start getting ready for my 4 day trip to Yosemite!!!..It's freezing over there!! Wish me luck!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

love ya~Nely!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!!

Just sharing a layout I made using the *carousel* kit. I decided to not place a title on my layout this time around because honestly, I didn't know where to put it. This picture was given to me by my cutie pie friend miss ally. When I saw it, it brought back such an awesome, funny, good feeling memory. It's really is the best when you can look at a picture and crack yourself up, because you are remembering exactly what happened that day! It's amazing to me how through scrapbooking, I have met the most amazing people and have made the bestest of friends. real girls with real feelings and real dreams. girls that aren't afraid of showing who they are and girls that accept and love you for *you* it's so amazing. in my younger life i didn't really have this, to have this now, is amazing and beautiful. I love all of you! all are amazing human beings!!! your talents inspire me are magical!!! thank you for being *you*!!!

love~miss nely!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday,,,

today is just one of those days where I just don't have the energy for anything. there are a million thoughts going through my brain. I have a long list on my *to do* list. but no energy. I took a drive with my husband, I admired all the bursts of color that are all along the roads and highways!!..I love spring, i really do. It is such a happy season. I'm not sure of the name of this magenta colored flower that seems to be everywhere...i love it...i see it and i just want to go lay in it...the warm sun hitting my face, so dreamy. Do any of you have these days?

*on a side note, yesterday, Saturday, I got the most beautiful presents in the mail. You see, I never get the mail, mr. sam has always gotten as i was sitting on the couch with a warm blankie, i saw the brown box he held in his arms!..I immediately knew what it was and i could see the large smile on his face...he said with a smile, "no, you are too tired, you must rest, this box can wait"...I laughed, and said gimme, gimme, gimme!!!...there they were, all cutely wrapped up,,,Ophelia the Octopus and my magical Unicorn!!! thank you miss Katie!, thank you for making such wonderful creatures!!..they truly are magical and bring a smile to my face!!

i hope everyone has a lovely day!!

love~miss nely!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


hi!..just wanted to share a layout i made using the *carousel* kit and the *wind it up* add on kit!!...everything on this layout is from the kit..except the ink of course ;-)...this is a picture of my niece at the carlsbad flower fields!!...i loved using the hambly doilie rub-ons...they are seriously the best to use!!!...hop on over to the addicts blog to check out all the other cool layouts the girls have made!!...also check out our guest designer kara!!!...oh!..and the newest prompt at the pink ninjas is up!!...this prompt is sponsored by the lovely hydrangea hippo!!..make sure to hop on over there, play along and maybe you could win a rad prize package!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ahhh Yeah!!!

Pink Ninja Addicts are at it again!!! We have joined up with Sketchy Thursdays!!!....We, pink ninja addicts are sponsoring this awesome sketch!!! This time around they are doing a fun twist to their sketches in honor of us!! sweet..thanks girlies!!! So hop on over there and give it a shot!! could win one our awesome kits!!!

Prompt - Fill in the blanks: "If I could __________, I would ________."

Technique - Mist or paint IN PINK.

Sketchy Twist - Use this sketch:

can't wait to see what you all create!!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Weekend!!!

This past weekend was a beautiful one!! was a busy one for sure,,,but on Saturday we got to have a cute little booth and sell our kits!!! It was opening day for the local t-ball league...miss ally's lil man was ready to play some ball!!!,,,you should have seen them! they all looked so cute and adorable in their t-ball uniforms!! could tell they were so proud and excited to play!!! There was suppose to be some rain, but of course that didn't stop us ninjas!!!...we just rolled with the punches!!!...sweet carrie made a garland out of the *carousel* kit, so we could hang it from our looked beautiful...and of course, we had the cutest booth there!!..(can i say that?)...but it was super cute!!! I think my most favorite part is just hanging out with my girls!!...they make me happy!!! i love having such beautiful and magical friends!! How was your weekend??

love~miss nely!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am sooo Excited!!!!

Soo excited for today cuz "it's off with her head"...Alice in Wonderland, I have been waiting and it is here!!! Tim Burton is amazing and I love everything he does!!! the time this post goes up i would have already seen it!!..Ally and myself are catching the midnight showing!! excited!!!..Please let me know what you think if you watch it!!!

happy day!!~nely

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Stuff!!!

Just wanted to share some fun stuff!!!...First, my bestest bud Ally has re-vamped her blog!!!...If you have not checked it out, you need to!!!...It is sooooo rad and awesome!!! Seriously, check out that grab button!!! sooo stinking cute right?!?!...I love it!!!
secondly, I don't have pictures yet, but i'm going to be cleaning out my scrapbook room!..what does that mean?? means I'm gonna be giving away a lot of the product i have accumulated over two years!!! scrapbook room is going to be downsized to a corner i definitely need to clean house!!! be on the look out for that!!!

my husband bought me a sweet treat today!!..he's so sweet..a york peppermint patty just for me!! him..he knows how to make my day!!!

happy day~nely

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's here, It's here!!!

Hello beautiful blog world!! i've missed you so much! is busy, real busy, but it's coming around!!!...Wanted to share and let you know that our newest kit is ready to purchase over at Pink Ninja Addicts!!!'s beautifully titled *CAROUSEL* dreamy!! We changed things up a bit and have also added and add on kit...*Wind It Up*...these precious kits are perfect for capturing your little dancer, black/white photos, self portraits..anything really!!!..if you jump over to the addicts blog you will see that sweet carrie even captured a rainy day!!..i've never seen a rainy day so beautiful!!!

We also had these adorable *carousel bits* but they sold out like in two seconds!!!..awesome!!..thanks ladies!!!

these kits are like falling in love all over!!..beautiful!!

love you all~nely!!!